Here you will find information and documents we wish to share with our suppliers.

Supplier Business Practices Policy

TopBuild prides itself on its reputation for honesty, integrity, and excellence in everything that we do. We therefore expect and require that all goods produced on our behalf or on behalf of any of the brands in the TopBuild family be made in facilities that meet specific criteria for human rights, working conditions and protection of the environment.

Our selection and continued use of our suppliers is based on the following standards with respect to all goods that we purchase:

  1. Comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  2. Protect against the use of workers younger than the minimum age required by law.
  3. Protect against the use of forced labor (including slavery and human trafficking.)
  4. Provide appropriate wages and benefits as required by law.
  5. Protect against excessive working hours that exceed local laws or business customs.
  6. Protect against physical and mental punishment of workers.
  7. Protect against unlawful discrimination against workers and encourage employment based on ability.
  8. Respect workers’ rights to associate freely.
  9. Maintain safe and clean workplaces, including any residential facilities, in compliance with the law.
  10. Protect our confidential and proprietary information.
  11. Avoid the use of tin, tantalum, tungsten, gold, and other raw materials that directly or indirectly contribute to armed conflict or human rights abuses anywhere in the world.
  12. Provide us all requested information under our labor, environmental, social and governance compliance and other programs and policies applicable to our suppliers, including information requested or required by law or regulation relating to environmental, social and governance matters.

We will not knowingly work with suppliers that do not respect these standards and those of our customers. We will periodically assess our supplier’s compliance with these standards and those of our customers. Any reported non-compliance will be investigated and appropriate action will be taken. These standards apply whether the supplier is a TopBuild company, an affiliate, or a third party.

TopBuild Corporation Supplier Business Practices Policy

Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions below apply to each transaction for the purchase of parts, goods and/or materials and any services incidental thereto as part of any purchase order, supply agreement or other agreement between the supplier and TopBuild Corporation or a TopBuild Corporation subsidiary.

TopBuild Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

TopBuild Data Privacy and Security Addendum

Subcontractor Labor Agreement