Taking Care of Our Environment



TopBuild is committed to operating in a manner which conserves our natural resources for future generations and adheres to environmental laws and regulations.

Our Environmental Compliance team spearheads programs including waste management, permitting, and annual compliance reporting. The team also assists in training our operations staff on best practices to drive alignment and accountability across all functions in the area of waste minimization and elimination. Our national resources offer added value to our local branches giving them access to our enterprise-level hazardous waste disposal program.

In 2021, we began quantifying our direct GHG emissions to better understand our impact on the environment. Our direct emissions profile is comprised of emissions from fuel combustion and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), which comprise a portion of the blowing agents used as a propellant for spray foam insulation. Emissions from fuel combustion are primarily generated by the vehicles we use to take our installation crews and material to and from job sites, which remain stationary for most of the day. A secondary source of fuel combustion is from delivery vehicles used in our specialty distribution business.

TopBuild Home Services

Building energy codes set minimum efficiency boundaries that provide tangible benefits such as reduced energy consumption, increased cost savings, and reduced CO2 emissions. These requirements affect the building envelope, doors, windows, HVAC systems, lighting, and water heating systems. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, building energy codes are expected to save U.S. home and business owners 841 million metric tons of avoided carbon dioxide emissions through 2040.

TopBuild Home Services deploys a national team of local energy code and energy testing compliance experts. Upon state adoption of a new energy code, we conduct code compliance training internally and with builders to ensure they are meeting the new energy code regulations. 

We are also innovative leaders in building science, offering a number of services and tools designed to help builders apply building science principles to new home construction. These programs help builders construct more energy-efficient, comfortable, and durable homes, compared to conventional code-built homes.

Table of TopBuild Home Services.
Services Plan Reviews Testing Services Software Solution Training Support
Code Compliance Yes Yes Yes Yes
ENERGY STAR® Program Yes Yes Yes Yes
Environments for Living® Program Yes Yes Yes Yes
Environments for Living® Certifies Green Program Yes Yes Yes Yes
Green Program Compliance (LEED, NAHB) Yes Yes Yes Yes
HERS Scores Yes Yes Yes No
Technical/Building Science Support No Yes No Yes
Utility/Rebate Processing/Reporting No No Yes Yes