Our People Are Our Most Valuable Resource

Our People: Our Most Important Investment

The key to our success is our team of more than 13,000 talented employees. From installers, delivery drivers, and warehouse/fabrication leaders to energy testers, office staff, sales professionals, team managers, and executives, we value and respect each of our employees. We are committed to a workplace where safety, collaboration, equity, inclusion, and continuous development thrive.

We foster a culture of inclusivity, support, and innovation where every voice is welcomed and respected.  We constantly improve on our strategies to attract, develop, reward, and retain our employees.  We have adopted a formal Human Rights policy to further promote a workplace where employees know that their perspectives and contributions are heard and valued.

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Our Commitment to Inclusion

We support our employees’ differences in age, ethnicity, gender, gender identity or expression, language differences, nationality or national origin, family or marital status, physical, mental and development abilities, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation, skin color, social or economic class, education, work and behavioral styles, political affiliation, military service, caste, and other characteristics that make our employees unique.

By embracing these differences, we build an inclusive community at work where everyone feels safe to be themselves. We are 100% committed to inclusion and our policies reflect this commitment to our employees. Managers are responsible for implementing this policy as part of their day-to-day management of employees and in applying policies and practices in a fair and equitable way as well as recognizing unacceptable behavior and taking immediate appropriate action.  Employees are responsible for implementing this policy in their day-to-day work and in their dealings with colleagues and customers.

We have implemented a comprehensive Affirmative Action Plan to ensure we are targeting all candidate groups during the recruitment process and providing equal opportunities for all our coworkers. To ensure equal pay, we have implemented salary banding that defines a salary range for each role based on market and internal value.

Additionally, we facilitate biennial companywide non-harassment training and provide frequent training to managers on our Affirmative Action Plan, discrimination and unconscious bias in the workplace, and fair hiring and employment practices.

We Encourage Employee Feedback

As we continue to develop initiatives to create a positive work experience, employee engagement is a critical focal point. We conduct periodic employee surveys to gauge both engagement and employee perceptions about the company. In 2021, response rates to the survey were strong, indicating that most of our employees have high job satisfaction and view their work and our safety-first culture as integral to the success of TopBuild.

Equal Opportunity Employer

We are committed to non-discrimination and non-harassment, and to treating people with respect and dignity in all aspects of employment, and employee and community relations.

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Harassment-free Workplace

We are committed to providing a professional and productive work environment for our employees. We will not tolerate verbal or physical conduct (whether by employees or others) that harasses, disrupts, or interferes with another person’s work performance or that creates an intimidating, offensive, or hostile environment.

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Drug-free Workplace

We recognize that alcohol abuse and drug use pose a significant threat to the achievement of our goals and the safety of our workplace. Accordingly, we have established a drug-free workplace program that balances our respect for individuals with the need to maintain an alcohol and drug-free work environment.

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Employee Training

Training is another important aspect of our human capital management and a key component of helping our employees achieve their best.

Ethics Training for all Salaried Personnel
Performance Management
Personal Accountability
Workplace Violence
Anti-Bribery (includes Ethics Policy and Code of Ethics)

Workplace Violence

We are committed to maintaining a safe, healthful, and efficient work environment where employees, customers, suppliers, and guests are free from the threat of workplace violence.

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