Workplace Safety

We Put Our Peoples' Safety First

Employing 13,000 individuals requires great care and responsibility. Striving for a zero-incident goal, we know we have hit our mark when employees return home safely to their families and loved ones at the end of the workday.

Embracing our safety-first culture is both a company responsibility and requires personal accountability.  This approach is supported at all levels in our organization. Our compensation program for senior leadership recognizes the importance of safety by tying annual incentive compensation to our safety performance. This helps to ensure we are driving to make sure we are driving proper behaviors, accountability, and support to report and address all incidents that may occur in the business.

Safety Incident Management

In 2021, we invested in new safety management software to improve incident tracking, outcomes, investigations, and root cause analyses. Armed with safety data, we are gathering actionable insights to better assist us in predicting future incidents and developing additional prevention programs.  To measure our success, we incorporated OSHA-recognized safety analytics, including Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR) and Lost Time Case Rate (LTCR). The steady decline in TRIR and LTCR since 2018 is a key performance indicator of our safety program effectiveness.

Safety Training

Training commences at hiring and continues with regular sessions delivered to our workforce at various locations throughout the year. All safety training programs are available in languages specific to our employee base.  

Our 2021 safety performance marks our 5th consecutive year of improvements in total recordable and lost time case rates.

Safety Graphs