Workplace Safety

We Put Our Peoples' Safety First

At TopBuild, the safety of our more than 10,000 employees comes first. With over 15,000+ job sites visited each day, safety is not just a choice – it’s engrained in our culture and our code of ethics. Whether it’s driving a truck to a jobsite, erecting scaffolding or using a ladder to hang gutters, our 275 divisions strive to maintain a Zero-Accident Safety Culture.

TopBuild employees are responsible for their own safety and also for the safety of those around them. If unsafe behavior is observed, we expect our employees to stop work, have a respectful conversation about the issue at hand, and report the unsafe behavior to their supervisors, as appropriate.

All of our professional installers wear personal protective equipment (PPE) that either meet or exceed OSHA standard guidelines. Additionally, we conduct regular safety meetings and up-to-date safety training for all of our employees.

Upon hire, all installers must complete training to demonstrate competency in these skills:

  • Use of Personal Protective Equipment
  • Ladder Safety
  • Scaffolding Safety
  • Fall Protection
  • Incident Reporting

We have also installed GPS tracking systems on much of our fleet of 5,000+ vehicles that weave safety into our drivers’ daily operations to track, analyze, and report in real time. Safety data, such as speeding, hard braking, and sudden acceleration, enables us to see where improvement is needed and monitor progress.

Incident Rates line chart 2017 - 2020